School Terms & Conditions

Key Points


Lessons at School

Lessons run during the school Term.



Your enrolment will automatically renew at the end of each Term. Late Withdrawal Fee $75.


Make-Up Lessons

ONE Make-Up Lesson per term for private lessons only. Make-Up lessons must be used in the same Term.


Rotating Timetable

Student lessons rotate throughout the school day each week, so they don’t miss out on the same class.

1. Membership (Enrolment) – Enrolment is open throughout the year. Full payment must be made prior to the Student’s first lesson. Lessons cannot commence until payment has been made

2. Billing/Payments – There are 2 payment options available.

1. One-Time Payment (Payment of full fees upfront)

2. Weekly Direct Debit (Weekly Direct Debit for One Term) - Transaction fee: Visa / Mastercard / AMEX – $1.50 per transaction

3.  Lessons are run at your school during the school Term. The student, once enrolled, is required to attend all lessons on the day and time they are scheduled. The Teacher will collect the student from their classroom.

4.Make-Up Lessons Students are offered 1 MAKE UP LESSON per term for private lessons only. This Make-Up lesson can be used for any reason including COVID-related absence, general illness, or if the student has something else on. If the Student wishes to use their 1 Make-Up lesson for an absence, they must REQUEST this at the time of notification of that absence. Notice must be received BEFORE the lesson start time.

If no notice is given (or if notice is given AFTER the lesson start time), that the student cannot attend, that lesson will be forfeit.

The Make-Up Lesson must be completed in the same Term. Parents will be notified when their student is booked in for their Make-Up lesson. No refunds or credits will be given if a Make-Up Lesson isn’t used.

5. Missed lessons as a result of School Activity – Any lesson missed as a result of a school activity shown on the school’s yearly calendar will be rescheduled to an alternative time and/or day.

We appreciate Parents letting us know as early as possible if the Student has a school activity which clashes with their lessons so we can arrange an alternative lesson for them. No refunds or credits will be given if a lesson isn’t used.

Due to their nature, Focus Music cannot offer Make-Up Lessons for missed Group Lessons as the class will still go ahead without a student attending.

6. Teacher Absence – If the Teacher is unable to attend the lesson for any reason, a Relief Teacher will be arranged for the Student’s lesson. If no Relief Teacher is available, Focus Music will schedule the missed lesson on an alternate day/time during the school Term. Any lessons missed as a result of the Teacher being absent will be credited. Lessons are not refundable.

7.Enrolment Cancellation

Cancellation – The Student’s Term enrolment will automatically renew each Term. If the Student does not wish to renew their Term enrolment for the following Term, they must advise Focus Music by no later than the last business day of the current Term they are enrolled in. Notice of cancellation MUST be given by emailing

Late Withdrawal Fee - If the Student notifies Focus Music of their cancellation AFTER the last business day of Term, the Student will incur a Late Cancellation Fee of $75.00. If this amount is not paid within 14 days of the Student’s notice to cancel, the Student will be liable for the next full Term’s tuition fees based on their previous Term’s lesson type (i.e. Private Lessons or Group Lessons).

Early Cancellation - If the Student wishes to cancel part-way through their Term membership, the Student will remain liable for all lesson fees associated with their membership for the remainder of that Term. Lesson fees are not refundable.

8. Photo Release Permission – Please note that Focus Music may, at times, take photographs and video recordings of events and for promotional purposes for your school and our organisation. These photographs and video recordings may include your child in them. Please advise our team if you would NOT like this to occur.


Acknowledgement and Signature

Please complete, sign and submit the acknowledgement below to commence lessons with Focus Music