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Are you passionate about singing? Do you dream of hitting high notes, harmonizing with others, and expressing yourself through music? Look no further! At Focus Music, we offer an exciting and comprehensive program that will help you or your child develop their singing skills while having loads of fun. Whether aspiring to be the next singing sensation or simply want to explore the world of music, Focus Music is the perfect place to embark on this melodic journey together.

What we offer


Tailored Learning

  • Personalized learning experience with a curriculum designed to suit your individual goals and skill level.
  • Customized lesson plans to focus on your specific musical interests, ensuring you stay motivated and engaged.
  • Flexible teaching approach that adapts to your learning style, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

Progressive Curriculum

  • As your child explores their musical potential, they will progress through carefully structured grades (Grade 1 to 8) within the AMEB system. Similar to coloured belts in martial arts, each grade represents a new level of skill and accomplishment and introduce new techniques, musical concepts, and repertoire.

Diverse Musical Styles

  • Explore a wide range of musical genres including classical, jazz, pop, rock, and more.
  • Learn to play your favourite songs and delve into the techniques and nuances of different musical styles.
  • Gain a well-rounded musical education by discovering and appreciating various genres, expanding your musical horizons.

Qualified Instructors

  • Learn from experienced and highly qualified instructors who are passionate about music education.
  • Our instructors have professional backgrounds and extensive knowledge in their respective instruments.
  • Receive expert guidance and personalized feedback to help you develop proper technique, musicality, and overall proficiency.

Performance Opportunities

  • Showcase your progress and boost your confidence through regular performance opportunities at the Mid-Year and End of Year Concerts as well as other events throughout the year.
  • Gain valuable stage experience, develop your performance skills, and foster a sense of accomplishment and pride in your musical journey

Choose your Teacher

Camille Nelson

Singing and Piano
Camille has been teaching singing and piano for 5 years, driven by a passion for sharing the transformative power of music. With a strong background growing up in the choral world, she incorporates Kodály-based methods, helping students become familiar with their voices and hone their musicality. She also has her...
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Ashur Petersen

Guitar | Bass Guitar | Singing | Piano
Growing up South Africa, Ashur has been playing music since he was 6 years old! He went on to study a Bachelor of Music from the University of Cape Town. He pursued a career in music that saw him being invited to perform across the globe and when he returned...
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Daniel D’Rozario

Piano | Singing
Since learning the piano at the age of 7, Daniel has built a passionate career towards music and music education. Now with over 15 years of experience as a classically trained and qualified (AMEB) pianist, Daniel has graduated from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) with a wealth of knowledge in music theory,...
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Justin Fletcher

Piano | Singing | Trumpet
Justin has been teaching piano, trumpet and voice for over 15 years; tutoring students of all ages in various styles and at various levels. Having a Licentiate in Piano teaching and studied voice and trumpet at university Justin has a particular interest in AMEB and ABRSM syllabuses. However, Justin also...
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More about Vocals at Focus Music

About Focus Music:

Focus Music is a renowned music school that specializes in nurturing young talents and providing quality music education to children and adults. With a team of experienced and dedicated instructors, we aim to create a positive and supportive environment where your child can flourish and grow as a singer. Our curriculum is designed to cater to students of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced performers.

Why Singing at Focus Music?

1. Professional Instruction: At Focus Music, your child will receive expert guidance from our qualified instructors who are passionate about music and dedicated to fostering the musical abilities of young learners. Our instructors have extensive experience in various genres and vocal techniques, ensuring a well-rounded education for your child.

2. Individualized Approach: We understand that every child is unique, with different strengths and learning styles. That's why our instructors tailor their teaching methods to suit each student's individual needs, fostering their confidence and helping them achieve their full potential.

3. Comprehensive Vocal Training: Our curriculum covers a wide range of vocal techniques, including proper breathing, posture, pitch control, vocal range expansion, articulation, and expression. We believe in building a strong foundation while encouraging creativity and self-expression.

4. Performance Opportunities: We believe that performing is an integral part of the learning process. Focus Music provides regular performance opportunities, allowing your child to showcase their skills and gain valuable stage experience. From small recitals to larger concerts, these events boost confidence and inspire young performers.

5. Industry Connections: Focus Music has strong connections with the music industry, enabling us to provide unique opportunities for talented students. Through partnerships and collaborations, we expose our students to professional musicians, recording studios, and potential performance opportunities, opening doors to exciting musical pathways.

Rockschool AMEB Vocals:

As part of our commitment to offering a comprehensive vocal program, we proudly incorporate the Rockschool AMEB Vocals syllabus. Rockschool is a renowned international examination board that focuses on contemporary popular music. By following this syllabus, your child will have access to a structured and recognized pathway that covers a wide range of musical styles, including pop, rock, R&B, and more.

The Rockschool AMEB Vocals syllabus encompasses graded exams, providing a clear progression for your child's musical development. These exams not only assess technical abilities but also encourage creativity, improvisation, and interpretation. The syllabus offers a well-rounded approach to vocal education, equipping students with the skills necessary for a successful singing career or lifelong musical enjoyment.

How to Get Started:

Getting started at Focus Music is easy! Simply contact us to learn more about our programs, meet our instructors, and explore our school. You can also find information about our enrollment process, including class schedules and fees on our website.

We encourage you to visit our school and attend a trial lesson, where you can experience the vibrant atmosphere and interact with our instructors. It's the perfect way to determine if Focus Music is the right fit for your child's musical journey.

Learning to sing at Focus Music is an exciting adventure that combines professional instruction, individualized attention, comprehensive training, and performance opportunities. With our dedicated team of instructors and incorporation of the Rockschool AMEB Vocals syllabus, your child will receive a well-rounded education