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All of our Teachers are highly experienced and hold qualifications in music, education or related fields.

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Our lessons foster the musical, social and intellectual development of students in a professional learning environment.

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We strive to bring music to everyone in our community as a partner-organisation with Act, Belong, Commit.



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I was about 7 years old when I first saw a guy stand up in front of an orchestra and play Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto. I still remember being blown away by the sound that he made through the trumpet. Maybe it was his commanding presence on stage, or maybe it was the sound he produced. I am not sure what it was, but from that day on I wanted to do what he did.

The trumpet is an amazingly versatile instrument and can be played in just about any genre of music. It is an easy instrument to start. All you have to do is make a buzzing noise with your lips and blow into the trumpet and you have made a sound. The hard part is becoming good at it, and that takes hard work and dedication. Two years ago, the world-famous trumpeter Haken Hardenberger came to Perth to perform with WASO. Growing up listening to his CDs, I had to go to one of his workshops. The one thing I remember him describing was how much he practised in the basement of his house in Sweden. Every day he would practice like a “maniac”.  Okay so he is one of the best in the world, but if you really want to discover what the trumpet can do. You just have to play.

Justin Fletcher Focus Music

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As a kid I would always have a song in my head. Before I learnt to play an instrument, I used to try to mimic the songs that I was hearing by humming the melody and tapping the rhythms. I would tap any surface that I liked the sound of, and even developed a weird way of playing with my teeth (in such a way that, thankfully, didn’t require me to have braces…)

When I was about 10 years old, I finally got to play all of these rhythms on a REAL drum kit. I was in awe of the power that came from the sound and found that I could happily play around for hours at a time. I’d found my favourite way of materialising the beats that were in my head, and as my music taste expanded, so to did my ability and love of playing the drums.

Alex Barker – Focus Music

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The guitar is truly one of the most expressive and versatile instruments on the planet! My obsession with the instrument took hold by the age of eleven after being inspired by my father (who is a consummate bass player). Each month I’d save my pocket money and buy a CD, whatever looked interesting! Then I’d spend hours after school trying to figure out how to play as much as I could by ear – as musicians, our ears are absolutely our most valuable assets! I soon realised that the guitar is everywhere, and can be applied to just about any musical situation. I carry this sense of freedom to this day, and am thankful for the ways in which learning the guitar has guided my listening and helped to shape my character.

Before long, I sought to emulate all of the fantastic players I was listening to, picturing myself in their shoes up on the stage. This desire to perform became my main motivation to practice. I was lucky enough to have some school friends that felt the same way, which led to weekly after school jam sessions and our very first gigs – memories that I will always cherish. There is nothing more exhilarating than getting together with your friends and having fun making music together. Now, I am extremely fortunate to pass this gift onto our many talented students, and see in their eyes the same infatuation with the guitar that I had at their age… and still do!

Daniel Wiggins – Focus Music

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I began learning the piano at age 7. As a child I always loved my piano lessons. They added a unique shade of colour to my week that was different to the enduring school beige and the perpetual greys of homework. Learning the piano was rewarding because it was like a giant toy box – you could keep digging deeper and deeper, discovering new things. To this day, piano is still a way to further express what I am trying to communicate. It has become a kismet companion to my voice. I am always happiest when these two things come together to unite everything I have ever learned about the powerful force that is music.

Mae Anthony – Focus Music

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Listening to Mariah Carey’s ‘Vision of Love’ for the first time was a godlike moment that touched my soul – it’s the day I fell in love with music. I was 12 when I made a conscious choice to become a singer. How? No idea. All I knew was I wanted to be one. My advice to my aspiring vocalists – find your passion and do more of that.

Lee Morunga – Focus Music

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My mother suggested the idea of learning the violin when I was 9 – I’m so glad she did! She said it was the closest instrument to thing to the human voice. To this day I am still in love with the endless expressive capabilities of the violin, an instrument that has remained virtually unchanged for centuries.

Jason Kroll – Focus Music



Is your child aged between 1 and 4 and interested in music?

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Junior Jammers is for them! Early childhood exposure to music is scientifically proven to do more than just bring children joy; it helps their brain cells make the connections needed for virtually every kind of intelligence.

During this 30-minute class of up to 8 children, toddlers learn and develop basic musical skills including beat, pitch and rhythm. These concepts are explored through games and activities that are engaging and will leave your toddler with a smile on their face! 

The toddlers will learn by combining music with movement, drama and speech into lessons that are similar to a child’s world of play.

It’s all about learning music and having fun!


Providing a holistic approach to your Music Education…

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Our Band Program aims to develop the instrumental skills and musicianship of young players in a safe, respectful and fun learning environment. Our Ensemble Directors have a wealth of experience and knowledge about performing and playing in an ensemble environment, having performed in Australia and all over the world themselves!

For those students enrolled in the Band Program, part of their individual lessons are focused on learning the songs they will rehearse in their Ensemble.

The songs are carefully selected to ensure that each student can achieve at their level. Children will be allocated an ensemble group based on their skill level to ensure all members of the ensemble learn & grow together.

Above all, the Band Program aims to be safe, fun, educational and NOISY! Rehearsals work towards various public performances including our End-of-Semester and End-of-Year Concerts, as well as other selected public performances.

Professional instrumental lessons at your school…

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Focus Music’s knowledge and experience in instrumental music offers schools the confidence to outsource the running of their in-school instrumental program. Unlike other organisations, we believe in empowering each school we work with to ‘own’ their instrumental program. It’s you’re program – we’re just the experts that facilitate it!

We work with the school to ‘custom-design’ their program to achieve the best outcomes for the school, students and parents. From individual and group instrumental lessons on a range of instruments to the school’s very own Band Program, we deliver outstanding results that puts your school on the map when it comes to Arts education in WA.

focus Music currently supports the following schools in their goal to bring instrumental music education to their students:


Combine Acting, Dancing and Singing and what do you get?

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Musical Theatre! No experience needed. Just be ready to move around, get into character and have heaps of fun! Learn the tools of the trade from MT Director Lee Morunga (Singer Swing in the world renowned Musical ‘The Lion King’). Feel what it’s like to be a pro in a safe, educational environment through Casting Auditions, learning about Lighting, Sound, Wardrobe, Stage Management, Make Up, Props and more! 


Enriching the lives of people with a disability through music

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Focus Music’s Enrichment Program delivers specialist music sessions to people with a disability.

The therapeutic effects of music have been widely researched and documented and can provide a fantastic outlet for individuals from a physical, cognitive, social and emotional perspective.

We believe music is a universal language that allows anyone to communicate, no matter who they are or where they come from. We use music to tap into the thoughts and emotions of those who may not be able to express those ideas explicitly.

“click here to view our full info sheet on the program”

Focus Music specialist Teacher’s incorporate music therapy techniques with music education approaches. Whilst our teachers are not music therapists, our Specialist Teachers have completed further study, research and professional development in the areas of teaching music to children and adults with a disability.

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What our clients say.

My daughter has been learning the guitar for the last six months at school with Focus Music and I have been very impressed with how much she has picked up in that time. Her instructor makes it fun for her with learning popular songs that she knows, and I have been happy with the regular communications from them

J. DiCarlo

“Christopher is having a ball and absolutely loving his voice lessons and the teacher feedback is always great!” 

L. Glass

“My daughter has been learning piano at the FocusMusic for 1 year now and loves it. The piano teacher adapts his lessons to focus on the weaknesses of the student and lets her choose her own music but guides her towards pieces to improve her ability ensuring her interest is always maintained. In April my daughter was asked to join the junior band as the keyboardist; this experience has reinforced her joy in music as they have a say in the modern songs they wish to play and she enjoys playing with the other four members of the band.

Kalamunda Music Academy have been professional, has a high level of communication and maintains a relaxed atmosphere where my child has excelled. Daryl Eagle (The director of Programs) is lovely and an amazing musician himself who has a great rapport with the kids.”

Teena Cagney

“Professional, well-experienced teachers. They will teach children of all ages and adults. Very approachable. Enjoy the concerts very much too.”

Sandra Carew-Gibson

“Five stars for Daryl Eagle at Focus Music. Our 9-year-oldon is thoroughly enjoying his weekly guitar lessons – with the right mix of practical vs theory he’s coming home each week with a new song up his sleeve (and a great song at that!) and a smile on his face! Thanks Daryl :-).”

Jahna Luke

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