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Playing a musical instrument can be a rewarding and exciting experience for children. One instrument that offers a unique and vibrant sound is the trumpet. At Focus Music, we provide exceptional trumpet lessons designed to inspire young musicians and nurture their talent. Below we will explore the benefits of learning to play the trumpet and the resources available to support your child's musical journey at Focus Music.

What we offer


Tailored Learning

  • Personalized learning experience with a curriculum designed to suit your individual goals and skill level.
  • Customized lesson plans to focus on your specific musical interests, ensuring you stay motivated and engaged.
  • Flexible teaching approach that adapts to your learning style, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

Progressive Curriculum

  • As your child explores their musical potential, they will progress through carefully structured grades (Grade 1 to 8) within the AMEB system. Similar to coloured belts in martial arts, each grade represents a new level of skill and accomplishment and introduce new techniques, musical concepts, and repertoire.

Diverse Musical Styles

  • Explore a wide range of musical genres including classical, jazz, pop, rock, and more.
  • Learn to play your favourite songs and delve into the techniques and nuances of different musical styles.
  • Gain a well-rounded musical education by discovering and appreciating various genres, expanding your musical horizons.

Qualified Instructors

  • Learn from experienced and highly qualified instructors who are passionate about music education.
  • Our instructors have professional backgrounds and extensive knowledge in their respective instruments.
  • Receive expert guidance and personalized feedback to help you develop proper technique, musicality, and overall proficiency.

Performance Opportunities

  • Showcase your progress and boost your confidence through regular performance opportunities at the Mid-Year and End of Year Concerts as well as other events throughout the year.
  • Gain valuable stage experience, develop your performance skills, and foster a sense of accomplishment and pride in your musical journey

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Justin Fletcher

Piano | Singing | Trumpet
Justin has been teaching piano, trumpet and voice for over 15 years; tutoring students of all ages in various styles and at various levels. Having a Licentiate in Piano teaching and studied voice and trumpet at university Justin has a particular interest in AMEB and ABRSM syllabuses. However, Justin also...
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More about Trumpet at Focus Music

1. Benefits of Playing the Trumpet:

Learning to play the trumpet offers numerous benefits for children:

a) Musical Skill Development: Playing the trumpet helps children develop essential musical skills such as reading sheet music, understanding rhythm, and recognizing musical notes.

b) Breath Control and Stamina: Trumpet playing requires good breath control and lung capacity, promoting healthy respiratory habits and enhancing physical stamina.

c) Coordination and Dexterity: Manipulating the trumpet's valves and producing different pitches requires fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and finger dexterity.

d) Confidence and Self-expression: As children progress in their trumpet playing, they gain confidence in their abilities and find a unique way to express themselves through music.

2. Focus Music at a Glance:

Focus Music is a renowned music school that offers trumpet lessons for children and adults of all ages and skill levels. With a team of experienced and dedicated instructors, Focus Music provides a supportive and engaging learning environment.

a) Individualized Instruction: Each student receives personalized attention to cater to their specific needs and learning pace.

b) Comprehensive Curriculum: Focus Music follows a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential techniques, music theory, repertoire, and performance skills.

c) Performance Opportunities: Students have the chance to showcase their progress through recitals, concerts, and local events, fostering a sense of accomplishment and stage confidence.

d) Qualified Instructors: Focus Music's instructors are highly skilled musicians with extensive teaching experience. They are passionate about nurturing young talents and inspiring a lifelong love for music.

3. AMEB Examinations:

The Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) offers a structured examination system for students interested in formal recognition of their musical achievements. The AMEB offers trumpet examinations at various levels, including the Preliminary level for beginners.

a) Benefits of AMEB Examinations: Participating in AMEB examinations allows students to set goals, measure their progress, and receive official recognition of their musical abilities.

b) Preparation at Focus Music: Focus Music offers comprehensive guidance and preparation for AMEB examinations, ensuring students are well-prepared and confident in their performance.

Learning to play the trumpet at Focus Music can be an enriching experience for people of all ages. With skilled instructors, a comprehensive curriculum, and performance opportunities, students can develop their musical abilities and foster a lifelong passion for music. For those interested in formal recognition, Focus Music also provides support for AMEB examinations. Start your musical journey today and flourish as a trumpet player!x