MusicLab is a series of hands-on workshops aimed at helping young people explore song-writing and recording, not only as a potential career, but as a means for physical, emotional and cognitive well being.

It provides the opportunity for aspiring young musicians, song-writers and producers, to work hand-in-hand with a major record label producer (Sony, Universal, EMI) and Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) graduates.

Young artists can participate in workshops over a number of weeks with the project being tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. During this period, participants will take part in skill development workshops, master classes, hear from industry guest speakers, and create and record their music.

Project Philosophy

Ask any teenager what music they like and they’ll have a pretty strong opinion on what’s cool and what’s not.

Young people are surrounded by music every day and it can form a large part of their personal identity. Music can make us feel any number of emotions, and can help us regulate our feelings from when we are on top of the world to when we are stressed or upset.
Music is a way of connecting with ourselves and others.

MusicLab gives young artists hands-on experiences in writing and recording their own music so they can connect with themselves and others in a way that is as unique as they are. MusicLab is about opening doors beyond anyone’s imagination.

We demystify the song-writing process, encourage collaboration and promote the development of positive relationships with other like-minded young people.

MusicLab is about nurturing the passions of young artists and helping to develop stronger communities by giving young people the self-esteem, skills and confidence to express themselves through music.


The end of the project will see each artist recording and releasing their song on all digital platforms, and being 100% owned by the young musician who created it. The young artists will also be guided to register with APRA AMCOS; kick-starting their careers in the music industry.


How Does It Work?

  • 10 Weeks

    Participants attend a 2-hour workshop each week.

  • Creation

    Participants create their groups and learn to write their song through carefully delivered stages.

  • Development

    Musicianship is developed each week through live demonstrations, song-writing master classes, and industry guest speakers; providing the building blocks needed to create a radio-ready song.

  • Recording

    Participants experience the recording process where their song is recorded by a top producer in order for them to release their single online.



  • Provide young artists a platform to collaborate and connect with other like-minded individuals of a similar age.

  • Provide a positive outlet to express feelings and emotions through active engagement in making music.

  • Give young people a sense of achievement and ownership through creation.

  • Educate, equip and inspire young people within the community.

  • Provide meaningful activities as part of local government youth programs.

  • Provide young people with tangible goals for future education and careers in the music industry.

  • Develop positive relationships between young people and adults.


MusicLab workshops can be tailored to your organisation’s specific budget and requirements. We aim to work with you to create a unique project just for your organisation.


Focus Music will provide a range of instrumental, sound and recording equipment.


All equipment is portable and can be moved to a location within the community.


This project is suited to 12-18 year olds.


20 participants for a 10-week program is recommended.