Student Questionnaire

At Focus Music, we understand that every student is unique. The purpose of this questionnaire is to learn more about your child so we can ensure our lesson delivery is personalised to their needs. Our ultimate goal is to teach your child how to play their chosen instrument while supporting their musical learning in a holistic way. To achieve this, we can incorporate strategies used by other services, which will reinforce your child’s overall learning development. It will also allow your child to generalize skills across different situations and with different people, giving them more chances to learn through repetition.

    Some of these questions may not be applicable to your child. Please feel
    free to skip any questions that are not relevant.

    Student name*



    Please tell us about your child’s diagnoses -

    Does your child have an Individualised Education Plan (IEP), Communication
    Passport etc?
    Yes/No (If YES please attach)

    Who is involved in your child’s development (e.g. Specialist Teachers,
    Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, or Physiotherapists)?

    What strategies are currently being used in relation to the following:

    Communication - avoiding eye contact, having trouble
    understanding people’s feelings or talking about their own feelings,
    speech delay, echolalia.

    Behavioural intervention strategies – have any target
    behaviours been identified? How do they present?

    Has your child’s speech therapist (if applicable) identified any target
    words we can incorporate into our lessons?

    Does your child have any
    repetitive behaviours / restrictive patterns of interest –
    What function do they serve? (i.e. self-regulation, communication,
    diversion). How do those behaviours present?

    Self-care / independence - Are there any tasks you are
    currently working on? (i.e. brushing teeth, washing hands, greetings).
    Similar to social stories, the teacher can develop games and musical
    activities to support your child’s instrument learning which support those
    delivered by other support services.

    Reinforcement systems – are there any musical
    reinforcements being used (i.e. a favourite song to listen to, instrument,
    dance etc.?) The teacher can look to teach a simplified version of those
    songs to your child.

    Music – does your child have favourite musical things to
    do / have already developed Music Related Behaviours that we can explore?

    Generalization – One of our goals is to assist in
    generalisation of skills. Are there flash cards or prompts being used at
    school or in the home we can use in our lessons?

    Is there anything else you would like to tell us that may assist your
    child’s instrument lessons?