Production & Recording


Beatmakers lessons are your pathway to learn how to write and record your own music.

What will I Lean?

Lessons cover music production from beginner to advanced levels. From song writing and recording to programming, arranging, mixing and remixing, we teach you everything you need to know to create your music.

We also can show you how to use software in a live band setting or as a solo performer – helping you take your music from the studio to the stage.

Beatmakers gives you the skills to write, record and release your own tracks, learn more about the music industry, and how to find your place as an original artist.

How does it work?

Your 1-on-1 or group lesson with our production and writing experts will work through the Rockschool Music Production and Theory Syllabus from Grades 1 to 3.


1-on-1 60-minute weekly lesson - $72

Group 60-minute weekly class - $36.30

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