Kid's Band

Kid's Band

Providing a holistic approach to your Music Education…

Our Band Program aims to develop the instrumental skills and musicianship of young players in a safe, respectful and fun learning environment. Our Ensemble Directors have a wealth of experience and knowledge about performing and playing in an ensemble environment, having performed in Australia and all over the world themselves!

For those students enrolled in the Band Program, part of their individual lessons are focused on learning the songs they will rehearse in their Ensemble.

The songs are carefully selected to ensure that each student can achieve at their level. Children will be allocated an ensemble group based on their skill level to ensure all members of the ensemble learn & grow together.

Above all, the Band Program aims to be safe, fun, educational and NOISY! Rehearsals work towards various public performances including our End-of-Semester and End-of-Year Concerts, as well as other selected public performances.

Check out our concert performances here.